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Review: Outlander Foldable Daypack


I was sent this foldable dayback by I Desert Cactus for free for a review.

This is a clever backpack that comes completely folded. Unzipping the backpack you pull the bag out and there’s not a lot to do. Unlike some foldable bags I’ve tried this one just unfolds straight away without the need to do a lot of inside out and shaking. Once you take out the main part of the backpack the inside of the previous mini bag it was in becomes the outside of the pocket on the front.

foldbag1 foldbag2 foldbag6foldbag4

This is a good sized backpack, taller than I expected and able to easily hold A4 items. The bag has arm straps which I was surprised to find slightly padded. This is great as for me unpadded arm straps can feel rough against my body after a few hours. The outside pocket (the former bag that held the backpack) opens up to a good sized pocket with an additional zipped up mesh pocket. There is a top pocket to this backpack above the outside pocket and this is a good size.
The main compartment unzips to reveal a large space. The backpack can actually expand quite wide and I’m impressed with just how much you can carry in this thing. Inside there is a grey pocket to hold items more securely but not a lot of small pockets inside, however this is a foldable bag so more for use in an emergency when you need more space.


The outside of the bag features two mesh pockets on either side with elastic that can hold a bottle of something like that. The one thing I’ve noticed about this bag versus others I’ve tried is the strap on either side of the zip main pocket. These straps can be tightened or loosened depending on how full your bag gets and helps keep it together better and more comfortable to carry too.


Overall this is a great backpack with a great material that doesn’t seem to break under weight pressure I’ve tried. I’ve only had this a short time but it seems to be working very well and I can see this as a great addition to take on holiday with me if I plan on coming back with more than I left with.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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