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Review: Lavievert Foldable Duffle Bag


I was sent this foldable duffle bag by Lavievert for free for a review.

This is a great duffle bag that comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. As soon as you hold the folded duffle bag you notice it’s a bit weighty, but this just means it’s made of a good quality and strong material. When you unzip it the bag opens up like a book. These outer parts of the folded bag immediately become the outer bottom of the bag and you can just grab the handles and lift it into its shape. It’s the easiest foldable bag I’ve ever used.


Once the bag is unfolded it’s a good size. On either side of the bag is a zip pocket. Inside the main compartment, which is zipped up, there is a lot of space. The bag can fill up the sides quite a bit so more than enough room for a lot of gym stuff or shopping or whatever you want to use this bag for. On one side of the inside compartment is a mesh pocket. This mesh pocket runs along the whole side of the bag while on the other side is a smaller zip pocket. One of the ends is an elasticated part big enough to hold a large sports bottle which I love as many bags I’ve tried don’t have this feature.


Inside the centre compartment is a detached strap which can attach to either end of the bag making this possible to carry on your shoulder and you can even carry this cross body, just, as the strap is adjustable. However the clips to fit the strap on are so tight that I’ve hurt my fingers quite a few times, and I doubt I can get the strap off once attached as I just don’t have the strength in my fingers.
What I like even more about this bag is that the two handles for carrying it are adjustable too. This is something that I really like. Many times a bag’s handles have been too long for me or not long enough to hook on my shoulder, but both are adjustable and well sewn on and so this bag is extremely comfortable to use.
Folding away the bag is very easy to do and takes less time than any other bag I’ve ever tried.


Overall I really like this bag, the material it is made from is very sturdy and has a criscross design which makes it stronger. The overall design and adjustability is really good too, it’s just a shame that attaching the shoulder strap is so difficult for me, plus there’s an annoying long zip bit that hangs from the bottom of the bag while you carry it (before last picture).


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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