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Review: CabinMax I Am Max Metropolitan Cabin Backpack


I was sent this cabin backpack by Cabin Max for free for a review.

This backpack is just amazing with so many pockets and so well made. The backpack comes to you in a plastic bag with a tag attached. Now, I do suffer from ocd and can panic a bit when I can’t find something in my bag, but I really don’t have to worry any more when travelling with the ‘I Am Max’ bag! The bag has so many pockets and spaces that my pictures really don’t show it well enough.

max1 max6

The bag is made of a very thick and robust material. It can take some rain (I’ve not tested it in heavy rain yet) and is very strong and durable. The zips are not flimsy although they do sometimes get stuck when I try to zip or unzip the bag and the zippers are made of a rubbery material and they are quite long making grabbing the zipper easy and quick to do.


The bag can be carried in a few ways. Firstly there is the traditional backpack way, and this is how I like to carry the bag. The straps for holding it as a backpack/rucksack are nice and thick and well padded which is very important if you plan to do a lot of walking while wearing this bag. The part of the bag that rests against your back is also well padded so you won’t feel any luggage pressing against you which can be uncomfortable with cheaper bags. The shoulder straps are adjustable and like all good travel bags you can also clip this around the waist for extra security and stability.
There is a handle on the top of this ‘rucksack’ mode as well as two others. You can hold the bag on its side with the one handle or by the outer part with another handle, again all handles thick and padded making carrying that much easier.


There are so many compartments. If you hold the bag as a backpack then there is a compartment that opens up right near your back. This has lots of pockets for more valuable things and although it can be zipped on three sides it doesn’t open completely so no valuables will fall out. There is a padded pocket in here too for a laptop. It can accommodate a 15″ laptop easily but I don’t like the fact that there is no Velcro or anything else to close up this padded pocked and as a result my very small laptop can slide a bit inside as a move the bag about.

Still holding this bag upright there is a small pocket on the top on the outside, not too deep but perfect for anything you need to hand, such as tissues, a bottle, or anything not too valuable.


The next main pocket is best accessed by putting the backpack with the shoulder straps on the floor. Nest to the outer handle (which is now on top) is a pocket that unzips across and this is quite large going from one end of the top of the bag to the other. The pocket that unzips around the handle has hidden parts. First there are two mesh compartments on the ‘lid’ of the unzipped bag. Hidden underneath these though is another side compartment which is perfect for something quite flat and where I put a thin folder. On the other side there are another two mesh compartments accessed with just one zip and then you’ll notice that there are some orange straps. those straps are locked with a normal rucksack clip and open up to reveal a space underneath to carry something extra such as clothing which you can tightly shut with the adjustable straps to stop it moving.


This bag is well worth the cost and I am really impressed with just how much can fit into this bag. I really love all the individual compartments and whether you plan to travel far or just locally you can really feel confident and safe with this bag. I cannot comment on how well this bag will be performing in a year, two years, etc. But at the moment it is doing really well and I really enjoy using it.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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