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Review: CabinMax Edinburgh Carry On Backpack


I was sent this carry on backpack by Cabin Max for free for a review.

This is a clever backpack, perfect size to fit air travel and a great backpack for anyone else needing to take a lot of things with them. The backpack comes to your door in a plastic bag with a tag attached. The bag has shoulder straps to wear it like a backpack/rucksack and these straps are nice and thick and well padded making it easier to carry your bag in this way. there are two handles on this bag, the one on the top near the top of the shoulder straps as well as one on the side of the bag, to carry it like a suitcase. These handles are thick and padded too making it comfortable to hold this bag in your hands too.

cabin1 cabin5

The bag is made of a very durable material and has excellent zippers that are big hoops. I really like this zip design as it makes it so easy to grab the zipper and pulling the zips open and shut is so easy with this kind of zipper design.

There are quite a few good pockets with this bag. The first pocket is a thin padded pocket which opens up near the top of the bag (near the top of the shoulder straps). This pocket is the entire size of the backpack but only opens up near the top. It can accommodate a large laptop but there is nothing in that pocket at all to help secure the laptop or anything else you place into it.



The next pockets are best accessed by putting the backpack down on its side (with the shoulder straps on the floor). On the very top of the bag are two zipped up compartments. Then you open up the main zip that opens up on the sides revealing the main compartment. On the ‘lid’ of the bag is an orange compartment, which again zips open on three sides. The material is thin but able to handle some things.
On the opposite side is the main compartment, mesh covered for the most part. This again unzips on three sides. This is the main compartment for all your clothes and luggage and I’ve tried to demonstrate how tall the compartment can get, you can really fit quite a bit in here.


This is a really great bag. It has enough pockets for essential items and it really feels like a robust piece of carry on luggage. Although I cannot comment on the bag’s performance in a year or more’s time, it is so far doing very well and I like using it as an alternative to a small suitcase🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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