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Coolfit Patent Leather Backpack with Purse & Bear Keychain


I was sent this backpack by Yesken for free for a review.

This is a truly beautiful bag and has so many extras any girl or indeed woman would love this bag. It comes in a plastic bag. The bag itself looks very beautiful, I love the design and it comes with added extras of a purse and a teddy keyring which I will detail later.

girlbag1 girlbag2

The bag itself comes with the straps covered in plastic. It feels good quality with the material being nice and thick. The straps have an interesting design I’ve not seen before where they crossover as they reach the top of the bag, but this doesn’t impede on using the bag at all. On the outside of the bag is a pocket that looks like a purse. Opening the buckle opens up the pocket, there are no additional fastenings and you will see a lovely soft lining with a lovely flower design. This whole bag has this lovely flower soft lining and really makes it feel like a higher quality bag.


Above the purse on the bag is a zip pocket. This opens up but cannot hold anything too big inside. The back of the bag holds another zip pocket, again this can hold something the size of a phone or a little bigger but nothing too big. The bag itself has a design where the bottom is slightly bigger than the top. The bag can stand on its own and tapers towards the top slightly. Inside there is the lovely lining and a zip pocket to keep more valuable things in. Just below this zip pocket are two pockets which can hold a phone for example.


When you open up the bag before seeing the inside you will be greeted with the extras of a purse and teddy keyring. The purse is made of the same material as the bag and has an interesting design where you have to first undo the clasp before being able to unzip it. Inside the purse is lined with that same flower material but there are no mini flaps or pockets. The inside also reveals a hand strap you can attach to the purse. This looks great but I was slightly disappointed that the hand strap wasn’t better sewn, you can see a slither of white on the strap where the material is folded over but not sewn together on one side, plus some of the stitching here didn’t look too good either.


The teddy bear keyring is so lovely. The material the bear is made of is soft, very soft and the bear feels well made and stands quite stiff. What I mean is that the bear is a good quality bear and doesn’t feel like a flimsy toy. It’s a beautiful girl bear with jewels on her head, ears and hands. It’s very cute (I’m a sucker for cute toys) and quite big. I took one picture with my hand to show you just how big this bear toy is.


This whole bag would make an excellent gift for any girl or lady who likes something sweet and cute but of good quality. I’ve not had the bag long but the arm straps do fit me so it’s something adult sized and the overall feel and look is very good, although I’m still a bit disappointed with the hand strap of the purse.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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