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Review: YOPO 32″ Long Wavy Brown Wig


I was sent this brown wig by Youth-UK for free for a review.  While the brown wig may not be currently available, other colours are.

This is a lovely looking wig and comes in a bag inside a box. Unfortunately the box looked like it had a grease stain on it but whether this was a fault of manufacture or a warehouse it was stored in I don’t know. Inside the box the wig also comes with a tag which comes separately in the box.


The wig I chose was brown and as far as the colour goes it’s not bad at resembling real hair. In fact from far away while wearing it does look like real hair, though you do notice it isn’t closer up. The wig is incredibly long and when wearing it came down to my hips. but first I have to tell you how to wear this wig.


The wig comes folded up but was quite tangled at the ends so get a good comb and carefully brush it. I’d advise anyone wanting this wig to get a good wig cap first as it really does help keep all your hair in place and as I have tried another wig from a different company, I know how the wig cap can really help keep the wig in place too.
The wig has two short elastic straps on either side, with plastic clips on the end. Keep these out as you put the wig on. Now the wig on its own was a bit unsteady on my head. This is because I hadn’t done up the straps that help keep it in place. I know from having tried another wig that the plastic straps go around the back of your head, near your neck. Doing up these straps myself is near impossible and I need a friend to help me. But once done up it should help the wig look less wide on the head and stick more to your head.
Unfortunately for me the straps are just too tight. It made the whole wig feel incredibly tight, to the point I was getting a sharp headache and I just had to undo the straps to feel better. The tightness with the straps was disappointing considering I do not have a big head.


The wig looks really lovely, I felt like a Disney princess wearing it, considering my hair just isn’t that long. The curly waves of it made it look lovely too.
Overall this is a nice wig, and without the straps it was easy to wear but without a good wig cap to support underneath and add friction, the wig would move off my head given time.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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