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Review: Vicara Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace


I was sent this crystal pendant necklace by Cara Crystal UK for free for a review.

This necklace comes in a lovely gift jewellery box with ‘cara’ on the front in gold. The box comes in a cardboard sleeve. When you open the box you see the necklace held nicely in some tight plastic but sitting on foam. The whole box looks lovely and already makes this necklace look like an expensive gift.

purple-heart1 purple-heart2

The necklace itself looks really beautiful. I have the purple option and there are five purple crystals around the edge of the heart with the other crystals appearing slightly pink in the right light. Unfortunately my camera shows these crystals up as white but they do seem pink when I look at them with my eyes rather than a camera. The whole heart shaped pendant just looks lovely and I love the fact this heart stands out and isn’t too small.


The chain of the necklace is nice but I couldn’t help but feel it against my neck all the time. The chain is also slightly shorter than I am used to in necklaces, although the pendant hanging off it quite low and so the pendant actually was in the centre of my chest. The pendant isn’t heavy but has a weight to it that pulled on the chain, again making me feel it against my neck. The clasp is also not so easy for me if I want to close it on the end of the chain rather than one of the chain loops further along.


Overall this really is a beautiful necklace and would make a stunning gift for anyone, but be aware if you are someone who doesn’t like to feel the chain against your neck.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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