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Review: TheBeautyShelf Konjac Beauty Sponge Set with Charcoal, Green Tea & Natural White


I was sent this konjac sponge set by Pegasus Guild Limited for free for a review.

I really like this sponge set, more than the small facial sponges, just because of the lovely heart shaped sponges. To start with you get a wonderful heart shaped gift box and inside there are three differently coloured heart shaped sponges, a thank you note and some information on using and looking after your sponges.

Each konjac sponge is individually wrapped in plastic which keeps them fresh until you use them. You start by soaking the sponge in water until it almost doubles in size. Each sponge is so light and is completely dried out to start with (looking a bit like a pumice stone but feather light). But once soaked the sponge resembles a typical sponge although they seem to feel more springy to me.

konjac-heart-multi1 konjac-heart-multi2

Once your sponge is soaked, you just expel the excess moisture and start cleansing. Although you can use them without any cleansers I personally like to use a bit of cleanser, at least the first time I use them, just to get rid of the new smell which I don’t like much. The sponges soon adopt the smell of my preferred products and then don’t have that ‘new’ smell any more, so if you are sensitive to it I’d advise doing that.

There are three different colours of sponge and each colour has a different purpose. The white sponge is for sensitive skin and babies and has no additives at all. The green sponge contains green tea and is apparently great for damaged and sunburnt sin. The black sponge is great for oily and spot prone skin as it contains charcoal extract. Each of the sponges feels so soft to use and it felt as if I was moisturising my face at the same time as using it to cleanse!


I really do love using konjac sponges now. When you’ve finished with them and gently pressed out any excess water they all have a handy string that you can hang them up from to help keep them dry when you aren’t using them.
One more bonus for me is that the konjac is all natural, it comes from a plant and therefore this sponge set would make an excellent gift for somebody vegan or someone who is ethically conscious.

Overall I can recommend these sponges. I’m amazed at how they make the skin feel and how they do work. Whether or not the charcoal and green tea sponges work long term I have yet to properly test, but these sponges certainly make my skin feel better and given their lovely presentation box, would make an excellent gift for a loved one or just for yourself! 🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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