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Review: TheBeautyShelf Konjac Baby Bath Sponge Set


I was sent this bath sponge set by Pegasus Guild Limited for free for a review.

This is such a pretty gift to give somebody! For a start take a look at the box these sponges come in. Not only is the heart shaped box itself really pretty, but this set comes with a lovely yellow bow and even a beautiful tag! It doesn’t show up well on the amazon picture but the logo on the front of the box isn’t dark brown but a reflecting purple.

Inside the heart shaped box you get 3 konjac sponges, along with a thank you card and information on how to use and care for the sponges. There are 3 different sponges in two different shapes. One is a heart and the other two resemble the more typical oval/pill shaped sponge. Each sponge is individually wrapped in plastic to preserve it. These sponges look very small to start with but must be soaked in water before you use them. They actually start out looking a bit like a feather-light pumice stone. Once soaked they are ready to use and are very springy.

konjac-bath1 konjac-bath2

Each of these sponges is natural and additive free which makes them great for sensitive skin and babies. These sponges can be used on their own or with cleanser and certainly in the bath I like to use a touch of my favourite cleanser. If you are sensitive to the new smell these sponges have then I’d advise using a cleanser with a smell you like the first time to make the sponge adopt its smell rather than that ‘new’ smell.

These sponges are great, they really do feel soft on the skin, far softer than any synthetic sponges. They really do feel as though they are putting moisturiser onto my skin, just on their own without using any products. This makes them perfect for babies as they really are soft and won’t scratch your baby’s skin.


Once you are done using the sponge you simply follow the instructions to gently press out any excess water and then you can hang the sponge up to dry as each one comes with its own little string loop.

The little information card comes with some information about where konjac comes from. This is a bonus as it shows you how this is both an ethical and vegan sponge!

Overall I can recommend this sponge set to anyone looking for something different from your typical synthetic sponges. They really are soft on the skin and make your skin feel moisturised afterwards. And given the presentation of this particular set, they would really make an excellent gift for family, friends or even for yourself !🙂


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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