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Review: Saafi Moroccan Argan Oil


*This item may be out of stock on amazon UK where I reviewed it originally however it may be available elsewhere.

I was sent this Argan oil by Saafi for free for a review.

Wow! I love this oil! I’ve actually been a fan of using oils for moisturising for years, but I’ve never tried argan oil before. This oil comes in a handy pump style bottle so you only squirt out the very minimum which is great as a little goes a long way with oils.

My family as been using this oil and we’ve all really enjoyed it. We’ve used it on dry skin. In fact one member of my family has been suffering from a dry and itchy patch of skin and not only has this oil helped relief the itch but it’s really helping to restore the skin to a less dry state.
I am personally not such a fan of getting myself all covered in oil but I do use this in the bath. A couple of drops in the bath water and you really come out with beautifully soft skin, without feeling all greasy.

The best part for me with this argan oil has been the effect it has on hair. We put it on our hair for about an hour or so before washing our hair, and then you just shampoo and condition as normal. But what an amazing result! The hair is just so soft and shiny. And I’d even go as far as saying that it seems to be making the hair a bit stronger too. Mum’s been suffering a touch of hair loss lately but since using this oil she has noticed that hardly any of that hair is falling out now. Now, I’m not spouting that it’s a miracle cure for hair loss, but in my Mum’s case it has really worked for her.

This oil is such a great moisturizer. I know that this is marketed for the face but I’ve been using it all over my skin and noticed a real improvement, especially that dry skin that is starting to appear now the days are getting colder.

I’d recommend this oil to anyone suffering from dry skin, or dry hair. I’d advise that you give it a go. If it feels all too greasy for you then try the few drops in the bathwater like I have. It’s a great way of getting some of that moisture without getting too greased up. However if you don’t mind the oily effects then this really is a lovely oil to put into your skin.

The ingredients of this oil are just two, argan oil and linseed oil and that in itself makes it such a great product for me as I’m really into using as natural a product as possible. And the smell of the oil? I’m not sure how others would describe it but it somehow reminds me of some nice talcum powder. A very nice scent but not overly powerful. This is really a lovely product to get and I can recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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