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Review: Mudder Women’s Silicone Wedding Ring


*This ring may no longer be available at amazon UK, but may be available elsewhere.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of the silicone wedding ring when I first saw it. The black colour didn’t thrill me, but as time has gone on it has grown on me and now I can see the appeal. The wedding ring comes in a nice plastic display box. The ring itself is made of silicone so very durable and also bendy.

So why is this ring so great? Well plenty of people worry at times about wearing their proper wedding ring. Sometimes its playing sports, doing outdoor activities and especially if somebody has a manual job where they use their hands a lot. There are times when you can worry about losing your wedding ring, or damaging it in some way. This is why this ring is so great. You can swap to this ring and still show your love and commitment without worrying about damage or loss. The cost of this ring is very good and it wouldn’t be a worry if you lost this one or it had to be cut off or became damaged in an accident. Being very durable as well the likelihood of this one becoming damaged is lessened too. You could of course just take off your wedding ring and do all your activities without it, but for those that don’t want to do that, this is a great option.


I’d recommend this ring to anyone who is worried about losing or damaging their real ring, it’s a great price and can give you peace of mind. The only thing I find a shame is that it doesn’t come in a broader range of colours. But maybe in future it will.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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