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Review: InstaNatural Retinol Serum


I was sent this retinol serum by InstaNatural EU for free for a review.

I have tried using this retinol serum but the main product tester has been my Mum. This retinol serum comes in a box with details on how to use it written on both the box and the bottle. Unfortunately amazon had stuck a rather large and very sticky sticker on the instructions on the box so we had to resort to reading the bottle…Not easy to do without a magnifying glass due to the very small writing.

This serum comes out of the bottle in a lovely orange colour and has the most fantastic orange smell. Be careful not to take out too much with the dropper as you really only need a small amount. The serum feels a little sticky when applied and has to dry onto your face. The problem with this serum which I have found and my Mum has found too is that once applied it starts to feel hot. Not a terribly uncomfortable feeling, but creams always have a better feel if they cool rather than heat up the skin.
My Mum has oily skin and all she felt was a heating effect, but as my skin is far drier I actually did feel an uncomfortable tightness, perhaps a little too tight for my liking.
The serum is best advised to be used only at night if you have sensitive skin and I’d certainly agree with that statement.

So, does it work?
Well, my Mum gave this serum a good testing over 2 weeks and has just been amazed. She’s been using this serum in conjunction with the retinol moisturising cream from the same company and has been thrilled with the result.
Her skin feels tighter. She has suffered from loosening skin on the face and she can feel how this serum/moisturiser combination has really helped pull up the skin and make it firmer and tighter. I can really see the effect on her too. Her skin looks so much fresher and younger. We haven’t checked a longer term over wrinkles but I’ll update this review when I have some news.

The serum bottle doesn’t state vegan anywhere although I do suspect it is and another key bonus is the fact it is not tested on animals🙂.

Overall I can recommend this serum. It really does tighten the skin making it feel and look firmer and younger. I have dropped a star rating as this serum just didn’t feel good on my drier skin type and I couldn’t use it as much as Mum could but if you don’t have such sensitive skin then this serum really is great, and I just love that orange smell.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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