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Review: EmaxDesign 12pc Bamboo Handle Make Up Brush Set


I was sent this bamboo make up brush set bu EmaxDesign UK for free for a review.

This makeup brush set is really lovely and makes me feel like a professional! The brushes come in an orange bag along with a small leaflet and each brush is individually wrapped in plastic. The leaflet that comes with the brushes shows what each brush is and there seem to be more brushes than I ever thought I would need.🙂

The brushes look very professional, they have beautiful wooden handles with EmaxDesign written on each handle and have a lovely finish. Each of the handles is very easy and comfortable to hold for me apart from maybe the mini kabuki brush which is the very small fat brush (in case nobody knew that!).

The softness of the brushes is amaxing. The white tips are so soft that they are very nice to use and very pleasant to my sensitive and dry skin. I found that applying makeup was easier than some of the brushes I’ve been using at home and I haven’t come across 1 hair falling out of the brushes. The different range of brushes means that there’s a brush to suit everyone and every look.


Some people have been commenting on the strong smell that you get when you first open the brushes, and there are clear instructions on the leaflet on how to get rid of this smell. But to me the smell doesn’t seem to be coming from the brushes at all but rather the bag they have come in. So my advise would b to air both the brushes and the bag for a while. If you still don’t find the smell pleasant then I’d put the brushes in a different bag but for me the actual brushes really didn’t smell much and there wasn’t a need to wash them out as the instructions state.

The instructions are also clear on how to not wring the brushes while they are wet as this can lead to hairs falling out so again I’d recommend looking after the brushes carefully, and for me it didn’t take much to wash then, although I’m not sure how I would hang the brushes up to dry as the instructions state!🙂

Overall I’d really recommend this brush set to anyone. the bag the brushes come in is a lovely velvety feel and the brushes themselves are really soft and really make applying makeup easy and I just love how professional they feel. For yourself or as a gift for somebody else I’d really recommend them🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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