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Review: Boxstal Personalised Charm Bracelet


I was sent this charm bracelet by Penniwise for free for a review.

This bracelet comes in a pink gift box and is nicely padded inside with material. The bracelet is a beautiful design and I think I have the Baby Pink option. There are light pink and white faux pearls. These alone look lovely but in between each pearl is a metal divider. These are also alternating between simple metal and one which has mini clear crystals placed inside the metal. It’s these crystals which sparkle to the light and really make this look more expensive than it is. The bracelet can be personalised and the letter beads used are metal with clear black lettering which looks great.

kitb1 kitb2

the bracelet I got was quite big for my wrists but there are size options which is good. I was able to put the bracelet on without undoing the clasp but I gave the clasp a try to see how easy or difficult it is. The clasp which opens up the bracelet is a little tricky. It doesn’t open up much and is a but stiff to open but I managed to do it.


The design of the bracelet in the picture above isn’t quite what I received. While the picture above shows a bracelet with two charms attached with chain, I got a bracelet with a heart charm attached using a clasp (which is easy to open). I’m disappointed that this didn’t have the Hello Kitty and faux pearl that was advertised. It was this that really made me want to try the bracelet out. While there is nothing wrong with the heart and it is still a lovely charm to have, it’s not the kitty head above so be aware this might be the case when you order this bracelet.


Overall this is a lovely bracelet though. I really love the sparkling gems in between the pearls and the fact that this can be personalised makes it a special gift for someone. Just a shame there wasn’t a Hello Kitty attached.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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