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Review: Boxstal Owl Pendant Necklace


I was sent this owl pendant by Penniwise for free for a review.

This lovely owl pendant necklace comes in a pink gift box which looks lovely with its added bow and silver embossed flower image. Inside the box is the own necklace sitting on some foam.

owl1 owl2

The owl pendant looks lovely as soon as you see it. There are large jewels of different colours on the body of the owl along with two black jewels for eyes. Each of the jewels is quite big and raised and I just love the overall look of the pendant. It reminds me of Butler and Wilson jewellery! The owl is around 5cm tall (perhaps a touch less) and quite heavy. Wearing the necklace I noticed the weight of the owl and this made it pull a little as you wear it. I have the ‘chain’ option of this necklace and its an interesting chain that’s quite comfortable around the neck. The owl’s weight pulls on the chain slightly but it didn’t bother me due to the chain’s simple and comfortable shape and design.


The necklace comes down midway on my chest when I wear this which just feels perfect for me! The only downside I can see to this necklace is how hard the clasp is to open. The clasp not only has a small opening when you do manage to hold it open but its also so stiff that it’s hard to hold open. I actually needed help taking this off as I couldn’t do it even in the mirror.

Overall I really love this necklace. I always love colourful and different designs when it comes to jewellery, and I love the new craze in owls that seems to be everywhere. The necklace feels lovely to wear, just a shame the clasp is so hard to work with.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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