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Review: Black Onyx Silver Plated Pendant Necklace


I was sent this black onyx pendant necklace by TWOPAGES HomeFashion Ltd for free for a review.

This necklace comes in a brown gift box. Inside the box there is a black foam but the necklace comes in a re-sealable bag which sits on the foam.

black-onyx1 black-onyx2

This is certainly a unique item of jewellery! The chain is quite long and the pendant sits quite low but is very light. The entire chain itself is very comfortable to wear, it doesn’t catch on anything. The chain is an interesting colour, although silver plated it is an almost golden silver in colour, but this makes it look even more special.


The pendant features two shapes, a diamond and a triangle attached together. The tubes that create these shapes are fixed together with a very small white bead in between them. The black onyx discs sit just above and just make this necklace stand out, especially if you are wearing lighter coloured clothing. The whole pendant is very comfortable, there are no sharp parts.


I really do like this pendant necklace. It’s very different to the jewellery I usually wear and I’m surprised just how drawn I am to this beautiful geometric design. And the colours of both the chain and the pendant in contrast to the onyx just add to the lovely design. A unique necklace that I can recommend🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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