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Review: AVA Faux Pearl Bracelet


I was sent this faux pearl bracelet by Oracle Retail for free for a review.

This Ladies bracelet from AVA is just lovely. This bracelet is delivered to your door in a plastic sealed bag and inside that bag you get a small gift box. Inside that gift box is the bracelet and as you can see from the picture it looks like a lovely presentation box if you are going to give this bracelet as a gift.

The bracelet itself is elastic so no fiddly clasps, you just put it on and that’s it. Mine fits well around my small wrist with a bit of give. It’s not sliding all the way down my arm but just has enough give that it means it will fit different wrist sizes. It actually looks lovely on my wrist and its very comfortable to wear.

ava1 ava2

I actually love these types of bracelets and love the colours of this one. The individual beads are in lovely neutral colours so this bracelet does go with any outfit. The white beads actually look like pearls when you see them up close so it looks that bit more special to me🙂.

This is a lovely bracelet I can recommend. It would make a great gift for any ladies you might like to buy it for and even a great gift to get for yourself!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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