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Review: WestBiking Unisex Windproof Cycling Sunglasses


I was sent these sports sunglasses by West Biking for free for a review.

This a lovely pair of sunglasses that are just so comfortable to wear. The sunglasses come in their own case, a hard type case. There is the logo WolfBike on the case and some other Chinese writing. Inside the case you get the glasses, a drawstring bag and a cloth for wiping the glasses. There is also a free keyring that comes with the glasses.


The glasses themselves just look amazing and feel so great to wear. The glasses have a rubbery/silicone type material on both the arms of the glasses and around the nose. Basically everywhere there is blue this rubbery non-slip material is used. This doesn’t just look great but it gives the glasses a great hold on your head while you run, cycle or basically just move around. It actually makes the glasses stay in place even if your nose starts sweating, which is so important if you choose to do sports with these on.


They give quite a dark effect too. Some sunglasses produce a darker image than others and these are definitely leaning towards darker which is just great for me as I often can’t even look at a white pavement in the height of summer due to how reflective the sun is, so this pair of sunglasses is just perfect for that.

The glasses are sooo comfortable to wear. I’m always fussy when it comes to comfort and I’m not the sort of person who just ‘puts up’ with something. I always like something to fit perfectly and these glasses really do! I was actually surprised just how well they fit my head, considering all the sunglasses I’ve tried in shops over the years. My head isn’t big either, I just don’t like the arms of the glasses digging in around my ears, or pressing too harshly on my nose – maybe I’m fussy because I’ve worn lots of glasses, but these west biking glasses really are so comfortable, I could have worn them all day.


The glasses come with a drawstring bag to keep them in and a cloth to keep them clean. Both have the same Wolf Bike logo on them. The drawstring bag can add extra protection but I just prefer popping them into the hard case as they are. The glasses also come with a fun little key ring of a cyclist. While this isn’t necessary, it’s a fun little extra which makes these glasses at their current price a really good buy!


I’d recommend these sunglasses to anyone looking for a sporty pair. They aren’t polarized so don’t cut out side glare (I just read up on what polarized means) but I personally haven’t found a problem with this. These glasses have a nice and funky look to them, I love the fact that the front of them reflects rather than people seeing my eyes through the glasses. The colours are also great (I have the blackblue version) and the extras including the hard case are all just great The hard case is a really tough one too. The harder cases may be bulkier to carry but I personally prefer them as there’s no chance of your sunglasses getting smashed in your bag. The hard case also comes with a clip so you can attach the case to your bag if you like.
Overall a great pair of sunglasses I can recommend :)!


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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