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Review: Senchanting Women’s Latex Steel Boned Waist Cincher


I was sent this waist cincher for free for a review.

Well this thing is good, but only if you are the right body shape. I followed the advice written and ordered according to the sizing in the picture and not the amazon sizing, but this was clearly a mistake as the amazon sizing seems more accurate to me. I am between sizes at the moment so I really had a tough time deciding whether to go up or down, but having read lots of reviews here already, I decided to go down a size – bit of a mistake!.

This waist cincher does look and feel good. It’s very thick material but feels well make and not like it’s going to fall apart at any minute. having put the cincher on I found it easy to work my way from top to bottom in hooking it together. The cincher has three hook sizes so you can tighten it even more, but as I said, I found the biggest size too small for me personally.
Once strapped in it felt like I was wearing a corset! I know have an idea how the Victorians felt. This wasn’t just tight, it was super tight around my waist area and it really sucked me in so much I couldn’t breathe properly at all. But this I put down to my fault in choosing to go down a size.

The cincher once you are wearing it though is very confortable, there are no sharp and horrible sewn edges (something I hate with clothing) and the neoprene material really does give you a good nipped in waist. The cincher is also correctly shaped around the waist to really give that hourglass curve but there are other parts of this that don’t fit right and you have to be the right body shape to fit this thing well.

The amazon description does state that this thing fits best women with long torsos and I would have to add to that and say women who are overall more top heavy would benefit more from this than I did. The cincher really squeezed at the waist but then left a lot of room around the shoulder straps and chest. The whole cincher felt like it was a size too big on the top while being too tight around the waist. I have a generally small frame and smaller cup size and I felt extra material around the shoulder straps, the sides of my bust and even around the back where the cincher meets your neck. However when tried on a friend who was more top heavy than me you could instantly see that it fitted her better than it did me.

On the whole I would give this thing a 3.5 for me. The cincher does do a good job of creating a waist but you really have to be the right size and shape and for me it personally isn’t a good fit. If you are between sizes I’d say use the amazon sizing chart and trust your instincts when ordering this thing. It isn’t for me, but I can see how it better fits a different body shape and I cannot argue with the material’s comfort when wearing it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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