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Review: PandaPawFit Non-Slip Yoga/Pilates Socks


I was sent these yoga socks by PandaPawFit for free for a review.

These panda paw yoga socks come as one pair. I’ve worn non-slip socks for many years and I do have a favourite brand so I was excited to see if these work as well or even better. Being somebody who does yoga I was very interested to see if these really do work as without some kind of grip my feet do sometimes slip slightly when going for the more extreme positions.


Each sock is short, just coming around the ankle and the front part is shorter than the back making bending your foot forward far more comfortable without a sock in the way. The centre part of the sock is slightly tighter than the rest of the sock so it hugs the middle part of your foot. This is really good as when doing yoga all I want to do is have the equivalent of bare feet and not have any kind of loosening of sock in the centre of my foot.
The main feature of these socks is the non-slip grip on the bottom This grip has a cute logo on it but also features a lot of rubbery grip pieces, more than a lot of the current non-slip socks I use have. Not only do they grip really well but they really do keep my feet in one place while I do my yoga.
The only downside to such a grip is sometimes I find if I lean backwards or am standing on the floor and move my foot backwards it is easy for part of my foot to slide out of the sock as the sock stays put on the ground. This is why I personally prefer socks of a greater length. But it is so far a minor niggle.


When I was originally offered these socks to try the price was over £20 which certainly isn’t worth it, but at it’s current price of just under £8 I think it’s far better and in keeping with other non-slip sock brands. I would recommend them to anyone looking for non-slip socks. They really are very comfortable and so far I have no real problems with them.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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