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Review: Kurtzy Crystal Gem Hair Comb


I was sent this hair comb by Kurzy for free for a review.

This is such a stunning and beautiful hair comb! It really does look beautiful in the hair, but I just can’t get this thing to stay due to its weight.

This hair comb is sent to you in a plastic bag and the minute you get it you can really see just how special and lovely it looks. It really does make you look and feel like you are going to be wearing diamonds in your hair. The comb has an expensive look to it, but it also has a great weight too. And it is this weight which unfortunately makes it impossible to keep in my hair.

Sliding the comb in the traditional way is just impossible as the weight of the comb will make it fall out. I do believe that my finer hair might have something to do with this, so I decided to put my hair up instead. When you wear the comb sitting in front of a bun , for example, it does actually hold in the hair and does stay (the bun holding it in place), but again I have to make sure I don’t move my head about too much or the weight of it could make it fall out.


There is another feature to the version of the comb I was sent that could be adding to my problems with setting it in my hair. The individual teeth of the comb are not straight but curved. Unfortunately they seem to curve the wrong way and as a result don’t sit well in my head. I don’t know if this is the fault of just the version I have or all the combs but it has definitely made it difficult for the comb to stay in my hair. Because the comb’s weight comes from the crystal feature and that is so wide too, it does seem to sit a bit oddly on my head too, but again this is probably due to the wrong curve of the comb and so it sits slightly away from my head instead of really against it.

I would love to award this comb more starts, it really is a stunning thing to wear to an event and does make me feel like a princess🙂. But unfortunately, for me at least, I can only wear this if I have my hair up and am careful not to move too much.

Rating: 3/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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