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Review: Frostfire Changing Robe


Apologies I’m struggling to rotate the images in the following review.

I was sent this changing robe by Innovationstore for free for a review:

I love using this changing robe. It’s so comfortable and so easy to use! The changing robe comes on its own in a plastic bag. The robe itself is made from a toweling material and is very thick and quite heavy actually. This is actually a good thing as it means that it’s like one of those very thick luxury towels. You don’t want such a thing to be made of thin material or it could become see-through.


The robe goes over your head and you have a hood and two slots open for arms. You can stick your arms out to grab your clothes and other items, but if you are changing you’ll mostly keep your arms inside the robe. There is actually a lot of space inside the robe for changing. I’ve roped in a reluctant friend to help with the photos below to try and show you just how much space there is, but they really don’t do the robe justice and there’s so much more space than my camera shows. There’s plenty of room both sideways and back to front. There’s also plenty of room to feel comfortable with moving your head and arms around without having holes so big that you become exposed through the holes.

Changing clothes underneath a robe can be difficult if you are not used to it but this is such a great item. Imagine all the times you’ve either played sports or especially been in water somewhere public (e.g beach or pool) and then you are all wet and have to change but there’s no decent changing area. Well that’s why this robe is so good. Being a toweling material it’s also great for wet changing. You’ll of course change after drying yourself off but even if you are still wet the towelling will absorb it.


I really like using this robe. It feels so comfortable to wear that I’ve even worn it once when my bath robe was in the wash and I was having a lazy day. It’s comfortable, got a good weight and can be used whenever you are outdoors and need the privacy of changing in public, such as swimming, sports, camping, etc. I’d recommend this robe to anyone. At 5′ 5″ it reaches to a little above the ankles so plenty of room and height for different people. A really great item!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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