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Review: Flerise Women’s Casual Short Sleeve Top


*This top may no longer be available at amazon or the link has changed, however it may be available elsewhere to buy.

I was sent this casual short sleeve top by Flerise for free for a review.

This top comes in a plastic zip bag. Being a size 12 roughly in UK shops I decided to go with the medium size for this top. The sizing is correct using the amazon chart in my opinion. The top itself looks lovely when you put it on. The lace part drapes down your back and the front has quite a lot of loose material so will look good even if you are showing a bit of tummy.

Unfortunately there is an elastic band which sits a little below your waist and it is this that I find uncomfortable. The band used fits on my body but it is a very stiff elastic and quite tight, and while the top is wearable and looks good, I couldn’t help but keep feeling slightly annoyed at this band. Perhaps I am just fussy but had the elastic been the looser or more stretchy kind I wouldn’t have been bothered so much. The band, being quite tight also leaves less room for size adjustment, so while I felt a little annoyed at it, those that got the medium size as they are a size 14 rather than 12 on top might feel the band even tighter than I did.

The band comes down below your waist in the pictures but I also found it wanted to ride up to around my mid-waist. This made the top instantly comfortable to wear and the material still draped over the top to give that flow so this may well be the way to wear this top if you cannot take the elastic.
I found the top didn’t reach as low as in the pictures. When I did pull it down the waist band was always very visible so this top sits above where it shows in the amazon picture for me.

The top has sleeves featuring buttons. In the picture above these buttons are red to go with my red top, however the top I received has black buttons. These look very nice but be aware of this change.
The material used is very thin. While this isn’t too thin to see through I’d definitely think of which bra you are going to wear, especially as this will be visible around the back too.

Overall this is a lovely top but with the flaw of an elastic that is just too tight and doesn’t have enough give to it. Where the lace is sewn to the top it also has some threads that needed cutting before I could wear it. However, apart from these it’s still a lovely top to wear.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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