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Review: EA Selection 1950s Rockabilly Swing Party Dress


I was sent this 1950s style dress by EA Selection for free for a review.

I got this dress in the X-Large size and in the red colour. This dress is just lovely and comes in a plastic bag. The fact it was folded up unfortunately meant the dress was quite crumpled when I first took it out so you will need to iron it with a cool iron, and this was especially true for the pleating at the front around the chest.
The dress is all synthetic and has stretch to it so it’s easy to put on. There are care instructions and these state only hand washing and a cool iron can be used, no tumble drying, dry cleaning or anything else can be used.

I got the dress in the x-large size and my dress size in the uk is about 12-14. I’m generally a 12 on my upper body with a 13-14 size on my bottom (13 as I’ve recently lost some weight). I was cautious about ordering a dress size smaller as plenty of outfits on amazon are always a size smaller than they should be, but this x-large seems to be a perfect size 14. The dress has an elastic waist which sat perfectly around my waist without feeling tight. My waist is quite nipped in so I could have perhaps opted for a size smaller to get a tighter fit but this dress really doesn’t look bad on me at all. The dress has a zip at the back to help you put it on.

I’m 5’5″ and the dress came down to my lower legs, about half way between my ankles and my knees. The bottom of the dress has a lovely lace rim which I really love and the whole cut of this dress fits me really well.
The shoulders of this dress sit nicely on my shoulders and the straps cover my bra straps which is good. The criss-cross pleating along the bust area looks lovely when it has been ironed out and with my smaller bust this dress looks good, although I do believe there was room for a slightly bigger bust too.

The whole dress feels very comfortable. The material is a lovely soft one and there are no parts of the dress that feel scratchy or itchy when you wear it. The red colour is a lovely deep red which I’m glad goes with my pinker(rather than yellow) complexion as some reds don’t. The whole shape of the dress is very flattering. The straps of the dress and the cut around the bust do well and actually accentuate my collar bones making me look slimmer around my neck and there is space for a lovely necklace. I love the fact that this dress isn’t cut really low on the chest and the whole shape just flatters the figure. The dress is very classy and again I would say that its a perfect size 14. The dress was a touch loose on me due to my being a 12-14.

I can’t find any faults with this dress and just love the whole feel and look of it. It feels like a quality made dress and at a very reasonable price.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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