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Review: DUCO Semi Rimless Computer Glasses with Amber Tint


I was sent these computer glasses by DUCO Network Technology Co. Ltd for free for a review.

These glasses are truly amazing. They come in a lovely black box and inside that is the hard case and inside that are the glasses, a screwdriver tool for repairing and inside a re-sealable plastic bag a lovely cloth bag for the glasses plus a cloth for cleaning them.
The set really feels like a designer pair of glasses. The hard case itself is made of a material that feels expensive and this really makes for a great looking gift.

glasses1 glasses2

These are special glasses, rather than being for long or short sightedness, these are especially designed to be worn by anyone who stares at computer, tv or screens in general for a long time. It’s been long known that staring at a computer screen for long periods can damage your eyes and at the very least it makes your eyes tired and we’re all told to spend more time away from our screens. Unfortunately with many jobs it’s just not possible, which is where these glasses come in. They have an amber tint on them along with some special coating that helps keep your eyes safe from that blue light that screens produce.


Now I’m always cautious when trying something like this as these could turn out to be nothing more than just tinted glass, but not so! I’m amazed at the difference these have made to my eyes and my overall screen time. The glasses themselves feel like quality, not cheap at all and the fitting is perfect. They are like proper glasses you get for short sightedness with nose pads. I’ve found nose pads to be painful on some sunglasses in the past but not these, they are set just right to sit perfectly on my nose without pushing in one direction (a strange thing which often happens with glasses that haven’t been set at the opticians). The arms of the glasses are super comfortable too. I’m very fussy when it comes to glasses, and most always seem to push on the sides of my head or feel tight around the ears, but I have worn these for hours at a time and really don’t notice them they are that comfortable!


The amber tint is very subtle, although initially when you just put them on you will notice your white screen looking more yellow, your eyes quickly adjust and within minutes the screen looks normal with the glasses on and strangely blueish if you take them off. The amber tint is so subtle and the glasses so comfortable that at one point I actually forgot I was wearing them and started doing other things in the house without taking them off!


Taking the glasses off makes everything seem too white but this doesn’t last more than a few seconds for me and these glasses have really changed my experience when I’m at the computer. I used to have sore eyes and headaches very often when using the computer for hours but now my eyes feel as fresh as they did when I just started. I’m also surprised to find my eyes don’t feel as dry as they used to. As someone who uses computer screens a lot I can recommend these not only for their comfort but for what they do. I believe they really are worth getting if like me you suffer from long exposure to screens.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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