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Review: Discoball Crystal Rhinestone Diamante Hair Comb


I was sent this hair comb by discoball for free for a review.

This hair comb comes in a lovely gift box which looks pretty already. The gift box is made of very stiff card and when you open up the lid you find the comb sitting (in a bag) on top of a lovely velvety foam inside. This really makes the comb feel like a special gift already.

hair-comb-new1 hair-comb-new2

I’ve tried a similar hair comb before but that one was very heavy and didn’t stay in my hair. I have to say that although I still struggle a bit with my thinner hair the comb does stay put (if I fix it in right, which is easier when I have my hair up) and doesn’t feel weighty at all. The comb prongs are not sharp and sit well in the hair and should they come to your door all wonky, it is possible to move the prongs up and down a little to get the perfect fit to your head.


The design of this comb is just beautiful. The crystals are so sparkly (look like diamonds which is good) and you really do feel special wearing this comb. It would make a wonderful gift for prom or a bride or any other such special event. It looks lovely and I felt so special wearing it. and the added gift box gives you somewhere safe and pretty to store the comb in.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon click here


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