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Review: Catania Occhiali Wayfarer Style Sunglasses


I was sent these sunglasses by Oracle Retail for free for a review.

These sunglasses come in a plastic bag along with a cloth to keep them clean. The glasses I have tried (black orange colour) look great. The front of the glasses frame is black with orange everywhere else. They are plastic of course and are very lightweight. The front of the lenses I particularly like as they have a reflective, mirror-like shine. I love glasses where I can see everyone and everything but nobody can see my eyes :)!

The front of the right lens has the logo Catania in the top left with the same logo appearing on either arm of the glasses.

I do like trying on sunglasses and having various different pairs for different occasions so I was very happy to be offered a chance to try this pair out🙂. The glasses themselves feel incredibly lightweight and sit comfortable on my nose, without being wonky, but they are, for me, a little tight around the head. Tight enough that I wouldn’t want to wear them all day long.

The glasses themselves look good as I wear them, the lens area itself is very wide on the head though so if you have a thinner face you may feel they are too wide, but I like them🙂.

The glasses do come with their own cloth but are otherwise just sent to you in a plastic bag so you will have to provide your own case for them. I would have personally preferred it if they also offered them inside their own soft pouch, but that is my own opinion.

Overall I can recommend this pair of sunglasses. They look great, come in a range of different colours and I just love the reflective surface on the outer lens. A great pair of sunglasses, just a shame there’s no pouch of any kind.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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