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Review: Catania Occhiali Polarised Wayferer Style Unisex Sunglasses


I was sent these sunglasses by Oracle Retail for free for a review.

I got the black mirror option and I really do love it. This lovely pair of sunglasses comes in it’s lovely black box. Inside that box you find the glasses case and inside that is the sunglasses and a cleaning cloth.

The sunglasses I have are the black mirror option which has lovely black frames and a wonderful mirror effect on the outside of the lens. I have taken a photo to show you how good the mirror effect is. I personally love the mirror effect as I love the fact that I can see people who talk to me but they cannot see my eyes:).

mirror-sunglasses1 mirror-sunglasses2

The sunglasses are polarised and this is a great feature to have. I only recently learned that polarised glasses allow the light that comes in through the glasses only come in at certain angles. Considering your pupils get bigger when you wear any dark glasses, this feature just makes it that much better for your eyes.
These sunglasses really do feel great in bright light. I personally suffer from sun sensitivity and always need to wear sunglasses during any bright day in summer. These sunglasses really don’t disappoint in making everything darker. They are in fact the darkest sunglasses I think I have ever worn and makes them perfect for those really bright and sunny days.

The case the sunglasses come in are a simple case with a popper button which make it look a bit like a purse. Despite the simple design this case is very sturdy and it really will protect your glasses well, I actually really like this design and I think it looks great to take with you on a night out.


The glasses sit very well on my nose and ears, but are a touch tight around the sides of my head so would be uncomfortable to wear all day long. However I really do love this design and the dark effect of these glasses which is why I give this a 5 stars (they are so dark indoors I have to take them off!).
A really great pair of sunglasses-polarised which is a bonus, a case and even the cleaning cloth added. An excellent gift for friends, family or even for yourself!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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