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Review: Catania Occhiali Glasses Case


I was sent this glasses case by Oracle Retail for free for a review.

The option I have tried and reviewed is the Brown Deluxe

This is a lovely glasses case with a simple popper button that closes the elegant looking case. This case has a leather look design to it and when you open it up there is a velvety lining inside to help keep you glasses well protected. This velvety area also holes the Catania logo too.. The case is very stiff despite its look and really does keep its shape well, so you glasses are at no risk of becoming damaged if you keep the case in your bag among other things.

case1 case2

The popper button opens up and you simply slide the glasses inside and close the lid and button to keep them safe. The glasses are of course still a touch visible from the top as this doesn’t create a properly sealed case, but this case is simply great at looking elegant and I’d certainly prefer this case to a zipper one if I was going somewhere special for a night out.

I have called it a glasses rather than sunglasses case as it will easily fit a lot of regular glasses too.

It’s a lovely design that I cannot fault, and for the current price it’s great too. A great case I can recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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