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Review: BaishengGT Women’s Long Sleeve Pleated Front Top


I was sent this long sleeved top by Baisheng Global Trading for free for a review.

This top comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. I am usually a size 12 when buying tops so I decided to go for the medium size. Surprisingly, although the top does fit it does feel a little large, as though I could have gone with the small size. The top is lovely and has two layers. Both layers look a little see-through when you look at them but when worn together you really can’t see through the top at all. The waist band which comes far below the waist is tight around the body leading to the pleated section to drape nicely.

The material is very stretchy and comfortable. Very soft and the stretch itself is not tight or stiff. The cuffs fitted although I felt were a bit loose but only slightly, this was in contrast with the tightness of the waist part of the top, but this could be due to the fact that I’m a size larger around my hips and I’m simply not used to wearing tops with tighter bottom section.

The neck is quite wide making the top sit on the shoulders but closer to the edges of my shoulders than I like. The neck line is also very large revealing a lot of chest, although not too revealing. I’ve worn wider necked clothes but to me this is where the top felt almost too big for me, though I don’t know if the smaller size would still fit or not.

The pleating of this top looks lovely and is great if you are self-conscious about you tummy area as it hides it. The arms are also loose allowing for larger arms. The arms of this are loose but still look great so if you are self-conscious of your arms, this top is also a great item for that.

Overall I like this top, it is very comfortable to wear and does look lovely, but for my size 12 upper body it does feel just a touch on the large size.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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