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Review: Viihahan Women’s Soft Faux Rabbit Fur Thread Through Scarf


I was sent this scarf by Viihahn for free for a review.

*PLEASE NOTE I am unsure whether this scarf is faux or not.  Please read this review for more details.

This scarf comes in a brown box. Inside the brown box the scarf is wrapped up in a lovely way and folded nicely. There is a metal tag wrapped around the scarf. It’s not too hard to cut this off but you’ll need a bit of strength with the scissors.

The scarf itself is not too long and has a hole in part of it so you can wrap this around your neck and then fit the end of one side through the hole creating the look in the picture above. There are no care instructions of any kind on the scarf. Neither a tag telling you what it’s made of or any kind of care instructions to tell you how to clean it (if possible).


The scarf looks really beautiful and it is! The fur is super soft unlike any faux fur I’ve ever touched. The scarf worn around the neck with part of it slotted into the hole really felt warm but with my (quite thin) neck there was still room for larger necks to wear this comfortably. The fur on the scarf is dark black tipped with white giving it that lovely frosty looking colour.

Now I’m going to address the issue that’s cropped up with some of the other reviews that stated that this was not faux. I’m someone who doesn’t like to use real fur, ever. Being a vegetarian and deep animal lover I try to avoid fur and leather products when possible, so I was keen to try what is advertised as a faux rabbit fur scarf. The first thing I did was to really investigate the weave. The scarf has some weight to it and although it’s shape isn’t exactly rectangular it isn’t caused by this being a piece of skin, as you’d expect real leather to be. The scarf fur is woven only a mesh of thick threads and there are piece of fur woven all around this mesh making up this scarf shape.

The scarf has the most beautiful of fur. It’s so soft that it feels like a chinchilla or rabbit yes. After checking out the woven pattern I say that rather than pieces of fur being woven onto this mesh shape, there is actually a pieces of hard material that is woven onto the mesh of threads. These pieces are hard and the fur is attached to them. I’ll be honest these pieces are black and look leathery. I did a smell test (I have a sensitive sense of smell). I tried to sniff at these pieces and I honestly smell what smells like real leather.
Now I’m NOT stating that this is a real fur scarf. There is no proof either way. It might well be a very well created faux fur. But it might also be some kind of fur. I wouldn’t hold anything against the seller though, they may not have inspected in detail what they are selling. This may well be faux rabbit fur meaning not made of rabbit but some other creature. The fact there is no tag on the scarf and the slightest smell of leather when you really pull the scarf apart to smell it makes me wonder if this is some kind of real fur, but as I said I can’t be sure and there’s every chance that this could be very well made faux material that resembles leather and fur. I’m just stating my observation, I make no conclusion here.

The price this was going for when I got to was the RRP which would reflect real rather than faux fur prices so I’m glad this has dropped. The scarf is still beautiful . I think the scarf would make an excellent gift for someone and it looks so expensive and is a really beautiful quality and feels so soft and warm when worn around the neck.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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