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Review: U7 18K Gold Plated Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace


I was sent this sea turtle pendant necklace by U7 for free for a review.

This beautiful necklace comes in a gift box which itself comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. The gift box is a golden yellow colour and inside there is the necklace, a velvety drawstring bag and a thank you note. The necklace is then sitting on top of a velvety piece of card inside another re-sealable plastic bag, so well protected when you receive it.

turtle1 turtle2 turtle3 turtle8

The first thing that struck me when I took this necklace out is just how vibrant the gold colour is. It’s a rich gold which catches the light really well. The chain is different featuring long sections rather than a thin circle which is typical of most chains. This chain is surprisingly comfortable around the neck and because of the thicker look to the chain it actually catches the light when you move around.
The pendant is a lovely turtle shape complete with visible eyes. It’s very cute and features two green gems in its back. My photos don’t show these green gems very well, they look a little opaque in my photos but please believe me they are like emerald which sparkle when you move this against the light.


The necklace is longer than some and comes down lower down on my chest. It’s very comfortable and the clasp is a very easy one to use. Despite its length it isn’t at all heavy as the pendant is actually hollow on the underside. I really love this necklace and it’s become one of my favourites. It’s not only beautiful but I love the rich gold and the way it catches the light and it just looks far more expensive than it is. A lovely necklace I can recommend as a gift for friends family or even yourself!


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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