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Review: Rosian & Levine Sparkle Heart Pendant Necklace


I was sent this heart pendant necklace for free for a review.

*This necklace no longer seems to be available on amazon UK, however I leave this review as it may be available elsewhere.

This lovely necklace comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. Inside the bag you have the gift box with ‘Rosian & Levine’ written on the top. The gift box is textured and very stiff which makes it feel very good quality already. Inside the necklace is sitting on a lovely padded and velvety inner board. The display alone makes this feel like an expensive item already.

heart1 heart2 heart3 heart4

The necklace itself is very beautiful. The pendant charm is a lovely heart shape and on the bottom of one heart side is the word ‘Love’. Along the other side is a tiny cluster of crystals too small to see individually. There is one large and clear crystal in the centre. this really looks like a diamond, it being clear. This centre crystal really reflects the light and you really can see so many colours sparkling when you move the necklace back and forth a little. I’ve tried to show these in the photos but it’s not as clear as when you see this necklace in real life. I’ve seen oranges and pinks among others when turning this crystal in the light. The photos also don’t show clearly the sparkle effect on the necklace chain. Although the entire chain doesn’t have any crystals it really sparkles to the light too.


The clasp is an easy one. Once you wear the necklace you will feel it lying slightly higher on the chest. It’s in no way a choker but rather than lying in the centre of my chest as most necklaces do, this lies slightly above that which is the perfect necklace to wear if you struggle to find one that will fit higher cut tops/dresses. The necklace is very comfortable and not at all heavy. The chain is also very comfortable.


This really looks like an expensive piece and I’ve had comments on it when wearing it out. Everyone has commented on how sparkly it is! The centre crystal and chain really do have a sparkle on them and catch the light so well. I am amazed at just how cheap this necklace currently is (£10 for the clear option-this option) it looks like a premium item that would cost far more.


Overall a wonderful necklace and I plan to keep wearing it due to the complements I’m getting. I can really recommend this.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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