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Review: LADY COLOUR Swarovski Heart Pendant Necklace


I as sent this heart pendant necklace by Lady Colour Direct for free for a review.

This necklace comes in a gift box which itself is shrink wrapped meaning the gift box won’t arrive with any dirt on it (as has been the unfortunate case with some jewellery I get). Inside the gift box is padded with the necklace inside a re-sealable plastic bag. The way the necklace sits in this bag is clever though as it’s stretched to make sure the chain doesn’t tangle.

lady1 lady2lady3lady4

This is a stunning piece of jewellery. The chain of the necklace is a rose gold colour with a small disc at the end of the chain (when opened) with the letters LC. The pendant is beautiful. It’s a little weighty but features a beautiful heart shape with a red crystal that really looks lovely. It’s cut in a way I love where it really catches the light and sparkles and I love it when crystals are cut in a way where you can see deep within. On top of the heart shape is a gold bow. This bow has lots of small crystals inside which all sparkle giving the whole pendant a really sparkly look! Though the back of the pendant doesn’t feature any crystals it still has a nice pattern with a heart at the centre.


Wearing the necklace the first thing I found tricky was the chain. While the clasp is easy to open and close the chain doesn’t feature any larger loops making it a bit tough to close the necklace, especially as it isn’t as long as I had hoped. While wearing this it sat on my chest, a little higher than half way up. With my small neck that’s where it sat but it might end up sitting even higher on those with larger necks. While the chain is thin (as pointed out by another reviewer) it feels strong enough to carry the weight of the pendant as it’s a sort of double chain, but the weight of the pendant does make you feel the chain around your neck and as it’s not a very flat chain it might irritate some, but for me it was fine.

Unfortunately what spoils the look of this pendant a little is the way it sits on the chest. The bow on the front of the heart has a loop above it Because this loop is towards the front of the pendant and not the back, when I wear this the bottom point of the heart points outward, away from my body. It’s only visible if up close and aware of it, but still something to note.

Overall I still think this is a lovely necklace. I love jewellery that stands out and this one really does! (please note that the necklace looks brighter and the red more sparkly and vivid than in my photos. I was working with artificial lights and it didn’t come out very well)


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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