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Review: COMTEX Rose Gold Tone Ladies Watch with White Leather Strap


I was sent this ladies watch by Comtex for free for a review.

This watch comes in a thin and quite flimsy white card box. Inside this box is a lovely gift box though and this is very sturdy. When you open the box you’ll find the watch wrapped around and sitting on a velvety pillow. Along with the watch and its pillow the gift box also has a soft cloth to wipe the watch face with and an instruction booklet. The instructions are in both Chinese and English but don’t worry about how much there is in the booklet, this instruction booklet is made for a variety of different watches and only the first type (without a calendar) applies to the use of this particular watch. There are good instructions which are easyish to understand and diagrams to help.

comtex1 comtex2

The watch is beautiful with diamond-like jewels sitting around the outer edge of the watch face. Each of the hours that are not numbered also have a jewel in place of the number. The gold is a rose gold and this looks very pink in the numbers on the watch face. I really like the overall look of this watch, the face is quite big and very easy to read and the jewels do sparkle in the light.


Setting the watch is easy. You’ll notice that the pin on the side of the watch has a small plastic next to it. Slide this out and push the pin into the watch to start the watch. Although some watches have a pin that has two positions, this one is easy to set as you just either pull the pin out or have it pushed back in. After that you simply set the watch time by turning the hands using the pin and then pushing it back in. It’s all explained in the instructions.

The watch strap is very comfortable though any creases from use show up and stay with use, it seems more visible as it’s a white strap but that’s a very minor thing. However the watch strap is comfortable and despite the big watch face and my small wrists the watch doesn’t feel too heavy and looks very lovely.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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