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Review: ELFIN Women’s Slim Three Quarter Long Sleeve Knot Dress


I was sent this dress by Elfin Fashions for free for a review.

This dress comes in a re-sealable plastic bag and the blue colour is about the same or just a touch darker than the one in the picture. I am a size 12 on top with 14 on the bottom and with previous dresses from other makers always being too big on top, I decided to go with this dress based on my top half size. The bust size fitted too and the UK size 10-12 listed as Large is the size I went for and it feels the right size for me.

This dress is made of stretchy material and it instantly hugs you when you put it on. The material is thick enough to not feel too exposing and looks really nice once on. With my size 12 frame on top and rather toned arms the sleeves fitted well but with not much room for arms that are too much bigger. At first when I put this dress on I pulled the front down too far, this resulted in the gentle pleating at the front bulging out. Pulling the dress to fit how the model looks in the picture is the right way to wear this. On my 5’5″ height the dress comes down to above my knees but not too far above.

Despite being stretchy this dress really doesn’t feel too tight or restrictive. The pleating at the front is my favourite part. Not only does it look nice but it conceals well any tummy you might have. With other tight tops or dresses I’ve tried they really show any bit of loose tummy you have but this dress hides it behind the pleating. It does puff out slightly if you look at yourself sideways so be aware of that but as I said pulling the dress up so it doesn’t hang too low in front is the way to remedy most of this ‘puff’.

This dress says there are pockets and while there are sort of pockets for your hands these aren’t for storing things. The pockets reach down the dress to the bottom seam of the dress and seem to be created with some clever pleating and are more for decoration or your hands than actually putting anything into.

Overall although the slight pleating sticks out on the front it does hide a tummy so I like this dress. The size fits perfectly and I’d say follow the guidelines that are written when it comes to bust and clothing size, they seem accurate to me. While the dress is tight and would show off a knicker line if you wore something that shows, it’s a really comfortable dress and the tightness isn’t uncomfortable at all for me, though if you are in between sizes I’d probably go up one to be safe.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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