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Review: ELFIN Women’s Long Sleeve Slim Fit Top


I was sent this long sleeve top by Elfin Fashions for free for a review.

This top comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. The top is made from stretchy material and looks like the one pictured on the product page. I am a size 12 on top so after checking the guidelines I went with size Large and this is a really good fit.

The whole top looks lovely while wearing it. The collar might need a bit of adjusting due to the extra material around there but it looks nice even if unadjusted. As I said the size 12 fits my 12 frame but it’s a perfect fit and is tight on my body (but not uncomfortably tight). My arms are quite toned and there wasn’t much extra space in the sleeves so I’d say this top is sized correctly but if you are in between sizes you might want to go up a size.

The top is very tight all around. While this looks great for me and the button detail and the detail around the collar looks lovely. I did find that this top does show off any kind of tummy you might have. The top is tight all the way to the hip area and on my 5’5″ height it went slightly beyond my hips and onto the top of my thighs, that’s how long it reached. While the tightness isn’t at all uncomfortable it looks tight around the legs and therefore shows of any bulge of tummy you may have. Some thing to note if a little self conscious about this.

Overall I am really pleased with this top. Not only is it very comfortable but the detail looks nice. It doesn’t open too widely around the chest either but for me I really like the way I look in it and it fits perfectly so I would recommend it.

Rating 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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