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Review: Topoint 14″-15.6″ Laptop Cooling Fan


I was sent this laptop cooling fan by Topoint for free for a review.

This is a great idea if, like me, you worry about your laptop overheating. This cooling pad comes in its box along with a usb cable to connect it to the laptop.

The cooling pad itself is sturdy enough and very large so can accommodate laptops of 15 inches and below. The cooling pad has 5 fans inside it that blow cool air up at the underside of your laptop. All you have to do to get this thing started is to plug in the usb cable from one of the two usb ports on the cooling pad, to any usb port on your laptop and then make sure your laptop is sitting nicely on the top.

laptop-cooling-pad1 laptop-cooling-pad2

You will notice that there are usb ports and a control wheel button that looks like some volume buttons on certain devices. This is the switch that turns the cooling pad on or off. These ports and switch are on the back of the cooling pad when it is standing on your table or on your lap. The switch doesn’t just turn the fans off and then on, but it also controls just how much cooling you want. Blue LED lights come on when the fans are on and they increase with strength as the fan speed increases. If you turn the fan speed right down you will notice that one or two of the fans don’t even start working, but at full strength they are nice and cool.
There is no function to turn the LED lights off, so if you really don’t like then, you are stuck with them, but unlike the lights that come from fans in big tower pcs, these lights were only visible to me when I lifted the laptop off the cooling pad, so it really didn’t bother me at all.


The are two usb ports around the back are clever. Now, at first I thought, why 2 ports? Was one stronger than the other? But no, it really is a clever idea: there are 2 usb ports because the cooling pad is basically giving you back the usb port it ‘stole’ from the laptop. If , like me, you laptop simply doesn’t have as many usb ports as you need then it can be a nightmare if something like this cooling pad were to ‘steal’ one of them that you needed. Well, what you do is plug this into a usb port on you pc, and then anything else you were going to plug into that port (eg a usb stick) can be plugged into the cooling pad’s extra port. This means you haven’t lost any usb ports on your laptop and it lets you get on with whatever you were going to do with your laptop :)!
I have tried the extra usb port and it really DOES work. It may seem strange to plug in usb sticks, etc into the cooling pad, but my laptop is able to read them just as if they were plugged directly in!


The final feature I have to add is that this cooling pad comes with fold out legs. This will make you laptop sit higher up, and tip forwards slightly, if you place it on the table but I actually like this added height and my laptop’s rubbery bottom meant it didn’t move a bit while on the cooling pad.

I can recommend this cooling pad to anyone looking for one. It really is a great item and does cool well. The fans are as quiet as they can be (they match the quiet fans of my tower pc) and they do a good job of keeping your laptop cool. Overall a great product I can recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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