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Review: Safemore 8 Way Extension Power Lead with 4 USB Ports


I was sent this extension lead by Safemore for free for a review.  Please note the below review where I had to be sent a duplicate.

I’ve had plenty of extension leads in my house, they’ve varied from very long ones with 6-8 sockets in a line on the floor, 6 socket ones sitting back to back needing a huge space on the floor, and even one upright extension that was so flimsy it easily toppled over. But this safemore extension looks and feels different. You get the safemore 8-way outlet extension in a nice box with a carry handle. The socket comes with instructions which is really just a piece of glossy paper with general safety and information. It’s written in easy to understand English.


So, why is this extension lead so good? Well, for a start it’s upright, and although light in weight, it doesn’t topple over easily. I’ve had an extension that was upright, much taller than this one, but because of its tiny base it was prone to falling over every time a cable moved.
As well as being upright this extension has 8 sockets. Considering just how many devices we all have these days, computers, tvs, games consoles, speakers, etc, having so many sockets on an extension lead is important. What I like even further is the fact that this socket has its own switches, and not one whole switch but two.
You may not understand why this excites me so much, but I’ve had extension leads with no switches, or some with 8 sockets and only one switch. This meant that even though I may have only had four things plugged in, the other four sockets were always live and you can imagine how dangerous this was for both me and my cat, who frequently took a liking to walking around the extension lead!
With the safemore though you don’t have to worry. The two switches are on the top of the extension outlet, one of the switches turns on the four plugs closest to it, and the other switch the other four plugs. And the switches also light up a lovely red when on, so you know your sockets are live.

This would normally be all I could say about an extension lead, but this safemore has so much more! On the front there are four usb ports, along with a big button underneath them. You can plug in any device that you would usually charge via usb, perhaps via your pc. Up to four devices can be plugged in and again the usb sockets aren’t live until you press the big button below which lights up a bright blue.


This extension lead also boasts an overload-protection. This is so important as, if there is a power surge the extension will just shut down, rather than that charge being thrown into your devices and appliances, potentially damaging them permanently. I’ve found this to be so important with PCs and I’d never buy an extension lead without this surge protection.
In previous extension leads I’ve owned, once an overload occurred (it’s happened more than once) my extension lead just died and never worked again, but this one is different. It shuts down and a little button on the bottom of the lead comes out. You are able to reset this button by pushing it back in and hopefully your extension will work again. Of course you have to unplug any appliances that were plugged in, but this works just like the electricity box in your home. It’s all explained in the clear instructions that come with your extension.

I can really recommend this extension lead. It’s certainly the most stylish looking one I’ve ever had. It looks great, can plug in so many devices, is so easy to use and crucially doesn’t take up too much floor/desk space. All the safety features and switches make this a must have extension and considering the number I have owned over the years, I can say that’s although I received this one for free I’d have no issues in buying more of these. Considering the price for such a safe and stylish extension lead I’d also buy it (had many extensions that costed upwards of £35!) Overall a great product.🙂

Note: I did receive a damaged one to start with. The plastic surrounding the area where the cable meets the extension socket was crushed and left a hole into the plug. This was a faulty copy and I quickly received a great working one with no broken plastic. SO, if this happens to you simply ask for a replacement and be careful about that plastic ring around the cable🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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