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Review: Archeer 3.0 USB Hub


I was sent this usb hub by Archeer for free for a review.

The hub comes in a brown box with the word Archeer on the front. There are no instructions but none are needed. The hub is quite small but so is the length of the cable so this isn’t good if you wanted to run this to the front of your big tower pc (if anybody still uses one like I do).

My laptop has two usb ports, but they are so close together that I can’t always use two usb devices at the same time. This especially happens when I use mobile broadband dongles. These dongles are bigger, wider, than normal usb things and so take up so much space I end up limited to just using one usb port and losing the other.
Well, with this usb hub I am now able to use 5 usb ports! The usb hub plugs into one of the usb ports on my laptop and then a small cable runs to the hub where there are 4 ports. This means one usb port is turned into 4 (and with my other port fred on my laptop I have five in total!).

usb-hub1 usb-hub2

The usb hub is blue at the connector end and all the ports are blue. Blue usb ports mean you are getting a usb 3.0 and not the standard usb 2.0. Standard usb is fast enough for me, but usb 3.0 is much faster – I don’t know exactly how fast, but if you use usb 3.0 devices it is much faster. You can of course plug any usb into this hub, usb 2.0 and even 1 should work, but the benefits of usb 3 are only felt with similar devices. I don’t have any so can only comment on the standard 2.0

As soon as you plug this into any port the blue bar near the word Archeer lights up. The connector and all the ports are a bit stiff. They do fit all usb devices and the connector does fit, but I did notice a bit of stiffness when using it. It doesn’t affect the use of your usb devices but it does feel a bit awkward as I’m used to smoother connections.


One thing I dislike is just how hot the hub gets. It’s not an unsafe hot or anything but the hub itself did get quite warm when I used the mobile broadband dongle so just beware of this, although it shouldn’t affect the hub.

Overall I cannot complain about this hub. I haven’t had any problems with it so far although I haven’t used it for that long. I will update my review if anything else happens, but for now it is an excellent way to get more usb ports on your pc/laptop (4 ports instead of 1). And for around £10 current price, I think it’s worth the cost.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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