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Review: Aerb Wireless Numeric Keypad


I was sent this numeric keypad by Aerb for free for a review.

*I had used this keypad several times with no issues before passing it onto a friend.

Laptops these days tend not to come with a keypad on the side that you would see on a traditional keyboard. For some this doesn’t matter but if you are dealing with a lot of numbers while at your laptop, this numeric keypad may be the solution for you. The keypad comes in a plain white box along with a small usb receiver. There are no instructions but none are necessary.

numeric1 numeric2

The numeric keypad is powered by one AAA battery which you need to provide yourself. Once you have the battery in just put the usb receiver into any usb socket on your laptop/pc and then it should register straight away. The keypad itself is very light in weight and just the right size to be able to press the numbers easily and quickly without pressing several at once. The keypad also seems to be quite tall (off the table) when you first see it but it soon becomes clear why this is. The pad sits perfectly against my laptop (see picture below) and it feels like it’s an extension of the laptop.


The keypad has all the normal functions that exist on a regular keyboard. You have the number buttons and the num lock which can turn them on or off. A small orange lights under the ‘SR’ logo show whether the number lock is on or off. Along with the regular number pad there is also an esc, tab, back, plus, minus, divide, multiply (star) and equals sign buttons. An additional button on the bottom of the keypad lets you input three zeros at once.
One other button that exists on the top is a calculator button. When you press this you instantly get the calculator show up on screen. You can then use all the number buttons plus the plus, minus, etc to form calculations. Pressing the three zeros button doesn’t display three numbers though, it instead returns the calculator to zero – ready for another calculation.
Getting out of the calculator you have to use a mouse button though, as pressing it again just lead to another calculator loading on top of the first.


I have really enjoyed using this numeric keypad. Its easy to use, works really well and responds well. All the buttons function as they should and it has these great rubbery feet that just keep it in place and won’t let it slide at all! Really great and if you need such an item, just perfect!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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