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Review: Stoga Ghost Axe X1 Gaming Mouse


I was sent this Ghost Axe X1 gaming mouse by Stoga for free for a review.

This Stoga gaming mouse is great for gaming but only if you have bigger hands. The mouse comes in a nice looking cardboard box which is written entirely in Chinese with just the odd English word here and there. The mouse comes nicely wrapped in a sort of bubblewrap-like foam and also some instructions. The instructions are unfortunately again, also only in Chinese. There is a lovely diagram of the mouse you are getting but only the NEXT, BACK and DPI buttons are labelled in English (I’ve left a picture of the instructions to show you).

sgm1 sgm2

However, Chinese writing aside this is a plug and play gaming mouse and it’s got some great features! For a start you plug in the mouse with just the usb cable and it’s ready to use. The description of the mouse suggests that it can be used for both left and right handers, and indeed it can be used with the left hand, but it still feels more comfortable to use with the right hand so be aware of this if you choose to buy it. The cable itself is a little off-centre but that doesn’t affect the gameplay and if you see the cable itself it’s a corded cable. The end of the cable that meets the mouse also has a reinforced part that looks like the type of thing you get with corded irons or kettles. It’s designed so it can withstand bending a lot, and the cord itself is also a great feature as my previous computer mice have always bent to the point where the cable has split revealing the inner wiring inside. So this alone is a great feature of this mouse!


There are the normal left, right and wheel mouse buttons. The wheel is actually very big for the size of the mouse and has a good rubbery feel and is grooved which is great as I hate mice that don’t respond when I’m trying to zoom in and out with the wheel. The wheel also lights up green as soon as it is connected to your pc.
Along with the regular mouse buttons you also have an additional DPI button just below the wheel. This button lights up red when pressed and pressing it again and again can scroll through the 3 different DPI settings. DPI is important when you are playing a very graphically intense game. With a normal mouse, the cursor can easily slow down and be a pain, but by pressing the DPI button to increase the cursor speed you can keep up with the gameplay. However you’ll want to return to a normal cursor speed setting for regular pc use as it can just move about too fast on the highest setting🙂.
There are two more buttons on the side of the mouse which you can easily touch with your thumb, they are the forward and back button. Great for browsing the internet as well as playing some games.


Overall I do like this mouse and especially the big rubbery wheel. But for me this is a gaming mouse that just didn’t quite fit. The only real reason for giving it a 4 instead of a 5 star is that I just couldn’t get a comfortable fit for my palm around the base of the mouse. I have smaller hands and unfortunately I do believe that this is a great mouse, but only for those with bigger hands. The general shape of the mouse is great and I do like the fact I can handle it with my left hand (I’m left-handed), but unless you have a bigger palm you will find your hand a bit stretched and not as comfortable as other gaming mice on the market. There’s also no slightly rubbery texture on the mouse surface to stop you hands from slipping when you sweat, which does happen a lot with intensive gameplay.


I’d recommend this mouse to anyone who wants a great gaming mouse but be aware of the fact it really will only be comfortable for bigger hands. If you want to try an alternative, there is another great gaming mouse I’ve tried by the same company, Stoga, which felt easier on smaller hands and also featured a double-click button and a rubbery/anti -sweat surface: Stoga Programmable Gaming Mouse with 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired, Professional Gaming Mice for Pro Gamer(I’ve also reviewed that mouse).

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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