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Review: Sinoguo Neoprene Laptop Sleeve


I was sent this laptop sleeve by Sinuguo for free for a review. 

*The sleeve comes in multiple sizes.

This is a really great sleeve for any 13 inch laptop. I have an acer 13 inch laptop and this sleeve does fit it. The sleeve is neoprene and has slight padding to it which is enough of a cushion for your laptop to withstand being moved around and put in another bag. I personally love the design of this thing. The sort of Aztec style pattern looks a lot like the colouring books I’ve been using lately, so I just love this design.
The sleeve is completely reversible however and you just have to pull it inside out and you’ve got a completely black sleeve, perfect for times when a colourful sleeve might look a bit much.

The sleeve came only wrapped in plastic, there were no leaflets or anything attached, but you don’t need them. The sleeve itself has a nice design, and although I can’t speak for it’s longevity yet, it does look well made. The size of it too is great. I was a little worried about getting it as my acer laptop is a bit thicker than a MacBook but the sleeve seems to have plenty of room for the thicker laptops. My laptop doesn’t quite fit the exact length of the sleeve, so there is a bit of sliding around, but it’s not enough to cause any damage and I love keeping my laptop in here rather than a dedicated bag when I’m at home. It’s easy to take out at any time.

laptop-sleeve1 laptop-sleeve2

The sleeve is also quoted as being useful as a mousemat. Well, that’s one big mouse mat but I can see the idea. I’ve owned quite a few mouse mats, especially in the past when all you got was a ball mouse and not optical mice of today, and plenty of mouse mats had this material feel to them. However I’ve opted instead to use this as a mat to place my laptop on when I put the laptop on my lap. I don’t do this often but it’s great to have that barrier between the hot laptop and my legs!🙂

Overall I can recommend the 13 inch sleeve (the one I have tried) to anyone with a 13 inch laptop. It does seem to fit most laptops and has enough room for different thicknesses. It’s a nice little sleeve, great quality and a good current price.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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