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Review: Sades Flash Wing 6 button Gaming Mouse


I was sent this gaming mouse by PowerLead for free for a review.

This gaming mouse comes in a lovely black box. Inside the mouse is sitting in plastic and you have to lift this out to get to the instructions underneath. The instruction leaflet is all in Chinese, so useless to English speakers, but there really isn’t the need for it. you simply plug this mouse in and go.

bm1 bm2

The mouse has a weight to it but this makes it feel very sturdy and also very well made. As soon as the mouse is plugged in you’ll see slowly glow different colours. I’ve tried to capture these colours in the photos below but it looks better in real life than on my camera.


There are 6 different buttons on this mouse. The first three are the usual left, right and mouse. The mouse is very nice, it has a rubbery feel and is textured and feels very precise when moving back and forwards.
There are two side buttons which you would press with your thumb (right handed). This is the forwards and backwards buttons. I’ve not needed these in games yet but they are great for browsing the internet.
The last button sits below the mouse and is the DPI button (called CPI. This button changes the speed of the cursor, which is great as games usually need faster cursors as the graphic hungry programs slow down the usual cursor.
The great feature about this DPI button is the fact that it shows you which DPI setting you are on. There is a chart and 3 lights below the DPI button which show you what setting you are on. There is 800,1200,1600 and when all 3 lights are lit up you get 2400!


This mouse has a non-slip grip like material on the top which is perfect if like me you can suffer from sweaty hands while playing games. I really feel in control using this mouse and that grip material is just perfect.

This mouse also has a cord rather than plastic cable. This cord has a clever end to it which looks like those you get on corded irons. this is a great feature as it means this mouse can take a lot of use. Many ‘normal’ mice I have used have actually split their cable near the mouse and exposed the inner wires, but there’s no chance of that happening with this mouse🙂.


Overall I really like this mouse! It has so far become my favourite gaming mouse. The feel of the mouse is just perfect. It fits great for my smaller hands but can also be comfortable to use for larger hands. And the overall control and feel of the buttons is just perfect for me. The left and right buttons actually are curved slightly to fit your fingers. And the real big bonus for me is….It’s perfect to use left handed!
That’s right, this is the first gaming mouse I’ve come across that I can completely use with my left hand. Ok, so the forwards/backwards buttons aren’t so easy to use, but for just using in the hand it is perfect for me! -And I do play a lot of games left handed!
A definite winner for me and I can really recommend it with 5 stars.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on UK, click here(please note there are two reviews on one page – please scroll down for the right one)


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