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Review: PowerLead Gpow PJs-X9 Gaming Mouse


I was sent this gaming mouse for free to review.

This gaming mouse comes in a simple cardboard box with no instructions inside. But the mouse is well wrapped in bubble wrap. Connecting the mouse is easy and done instantly via the usb cable. As soon as you take the mouse out of the box you will notice its weight. It’s got quite a weight to it but this does make it feel sturdy, like it’s not going to fly off the desk, and it does really feel like a quality made mouse.


Now, the toughest thing I found with this mouse was just taking off the usb cover before plugging it in. Once you plug this mouse in, it instantly lights up. It lights up in a general green colour and stays green most of the time.

The mouse has 9 buttons! You have to normal 3 buttons (left, right and mouse wheel) plus two DPI buttons on the top of the mouse just under the wheel. And four other buttons which you would use with your thumb (using your right hand).
The DPI is the speed at which the cursor on screen moves about. Being able to increase the speed of the cursor is so important in lots of games today as the games often are so graphic hungry that they slow down the mouse and it just can’t keep up. So you can increase the speed of the cursor using the DPI buttons (and decrease it for normal PC use).
The DPI is usually just one button but with this mouse there are two buttons: + and -. These two buttons can turn the DPI up or down. Doing this will make the mouse glow a different colour for a moment before returning to the familiar green. The colours can be seen in the first set of photos below: Red, Green, Blue, Purple and light blue.
Two of the buttons on the thumb area are forwards and backwards, which is great for using online instead of manually pointing to that arrow in the corner of the screen.
Another button looks like two batteries or two bullets. This I think is the auto fire button and does activate the fire command in my games, but in the one shooting game I tested it wasn’t autofiring, my gun only fired once – but this may be due to which games you play and I was playing an unknown alien shooter rpg!
The last button is a C with a arrow wrapped around it. When I pressed this while using my laptop in activated the media player. I didn’t have a cd drive attached so not sure if it’s supposed to do something with the cd drive or not…Either way I still don’t know what this button does.


This mouse has a non-slip grippy material on the top. This is great as anyone who plays intense games will recognise just how sweaty your hand gets when using a mouse. This mouse really has a great grip and I really felt a lot of control while using it. The mouse wheel also has a rubbery feel and is textured making it easy to be precise about moving it.

Another great feature of this mouse is its cord. It comes with a cord rather than a plastic cable and the cord has a connector to the mouse that’s a bit like those you see on corded irons. This reinforces the cord’s strength and really allows it to bend. This is great as my previous standard mice have all been used so much I’ve eventually managed to break the plastic cord and expose the inner wires!


Overall I give this mouse a 5 star rating. I love the way it lights up to look like a circuit board🙂. It feels so comfortable to hold. It isn’t too big for my smaller hands but can also fit nicely if you have larger hands too. It really is very comfortable to use and I’ve really had great control in my games. The mouse is made for using in the right hand and although it would be very comfortable left-handed, this mouse isn’t too shaped that a left hander couldn’t use it, at least some of the time (although you might keep pressing the side buttons with your little finger). A great mouse I can recommend.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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