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Review: KEYNICE USB Clip Fan


I was sent this fan by Keynice for free for for a review.

A fan for my desk is something I never had but something I desperately need in the summer months, particularly when we have one of those crazy heat waves. This fan is just great and just the thing I need! The fan comes in a bubble wrap bag inside it’s colourful box along with a usb power cable.


The fan is easy to use, just plug in the usb cable into your pc or other usb power socket and that’s it! The fan can stand on the desk as it is, as there are some non-slip rubbery pads on the bottom of the fan. Alternatively you can clip the fan onto something like the side of your desk. The clip is easy to open, not too stiff but it also grips the desk well and there is some stiff foam padding inside the clip where it grips the table so it won’t damage your furniture.


The fan has a switch on the back of the fan head. The switch has three settings I, 0, II. The zero obviously makes the fan turn off with the smaller speed fan being quite gentle and the high speed fan being quite strong for such a little fan, so great if you really are feeling the heat on those hotter days.

The fan head is very movable in two different axis making it easy to place this fan in practically any position. I’ve tried to take photos of some of these different positions while keeping the fan leg in the same place. The head can completely face the floor or the ceiling and with a few clicks can spin left and right to anywhere you’d like. The great thing about this feature is that if you don’t have space on your desk but do have an upper shelf next to your desk as I do, then you can attach the fan to this upper shelf and point it downwards.


I love everything about this fan and although I haven’t had it very long, I’ve had no problems so far. The fan speed II is very impressive for such a small fan and I don’t think I’ll have the same problems I’ve had in a heat wave while at my desk this year as I have in previous years.
A wonderful usb desk fan I can recommend🙂.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on UK, click here


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