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Review: Dual-motor Double USB Fan


I got this dual fan by Twshiny for a large discount for a review.

This is a cool fan (if you excuse the pun), as it can be charged up and then used without needing to be connected to a constant power supply. The fan comes in it’s box along with a usb charging cable, a clear plastic stand and instructions. The instructions are in both English and Chinese and contain diagrams and all the information you need to operate it, although the different button clicks take some getting used to.

dual-fan1 dual-fan2

The fan charges easily using the cable, plugging the micro part into the front of the fan, below the button, and plugging the other end into a pc or usb mains charging socket. There is a light that shines while charging, this light is on the opposite side of the white section of the fan to the button, this means that to charge it and see the light you’ll either have to lay the fan on its side or place it in the clear stand where it’s easy to see the light.


Once charged the light will go out and then you can use the fan. Using the fan is easy although there are several settings. The first thing to do is to set the fan the way you want it. There are two fans and you really can manipulate the way they face, turning them in different directions, backwards, sideways a bit, and tilting them, even placing them together to have one fan that runs at extra strength. The fan is supposed to sit on the clear plastic stand but even though it looks nice, this only works if you have the fan in the position in the main picture, when tilting the two fan heads forwards more than just a few millimetres caused the fan to topple forward. In the end it was easier to use this without the stand.


There’s several modes for this fan but to turn it on you first need to double click the power button on the top (covered with a sticker). This starts up the right fan only. You can now click once and both fans will start at a low speed but with an annoying electronic drone. Another one press sets both fans to medium speed, another to fast speed and the final click turns the fan off. To turn it back on again you have to double click again.
A second double click after turning the right fan on will instead turn the left one on (the right one now turns off). Slow one clicks again turn both fans on with a low speed, then medium then fast , then off, like before.
Double clicking at any stage turns the fan off.


The pliability of the fan is good and I like the fact that you can really set this to face any direction you like. I also like the fact that you can place this fan anywhere without the need for a cable. However what lets it down for me is the fact that the stand doesn’t work due to the heavy weight of the fan and the fact that the fan really has an electronic drone at low and medium speeds. This drone isn’t really loud but in a silent room it’s definitely audible and for me it’s just an annoying feature that shouldn’t be there and isn’t in many other fans I’ve tried, the blue led light when on is also quite bright although if you place this fan upright without the stand you won’t see it. Overall though a good item.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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