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Review: Combaterwing 10 Button Gaming Mouse


I was sent this gaming mouse by Zakitane for free for a review.

This mouse comes in a black box along with instructions and a disc. The instructions are in both English and Chinese but instead of one after the other, the languages are intermixed with instruction one in English then in Chinese, instruction two in English then Chinese, etc. This makes them a bit confusing to read but there is a diagram to help make sense of the mouse buttons.

combat-mouse1 combatmouse2

The mouse itself has a good weight to it and is a mixture of metal and plastic. The mouse is a usb and this plugs straight into any usb port and you are ready to use. As soon as you plug this mouse in you will see there is a light under the middle red button and a small image light up. This light pulsates at a slow rate and (unless you change things with the software) you can have a different coloured pulse depending on which DPI setting you choose.
DPI is important if you are going to use a graphic hungry program like a game as the cursor on-screen can really slow down with a regular mouse, so it’s important to speed up this cursor for gaming – that’s what a high DPI setting does. However if you just browse the internet or something on your desktop, the dpi should be set back to slower or you can lose where the cursor is🙂.
The big red button in the middle changes the DPI and there are four settings, the light will pulse red for the slowest setting, then green, blue and white for the fastest.


If you don’t like having a light pulsing, all you have to do is turn the mouse over and underneath you will see a button. Press it to turn off the light feature, press again to start up the light.

This mouse has 10 buttons, It has the normal left, wheel and right buttons, a dpi button, two red buttons below the left and right buttons, and three buttons that can be accessed with the thumb. The last, tenth button is actually the one underneath that activates the light.


The wheel itself is metal with a rubbery central part which is all grooved. This mouse is very responsive and moves back and forth really well giving really good control – something which is so important in the strategy games I play🙂.

The two red buttons below the left and right buttons are the forward and back buttons. You can click on these while browsing to go forwards or backwards, which should be easier than clicking on the arrow buttons. These buttons are, though, not easy to click. I’m not sure if these buttons are ever easy to click, given the position they are in, but for me they are not, regardless of what they are programmed for.

The side, or thumb buttons, are easier to click. The button that sticks out more, towards to top of the whole mouse is called the fire button but this also acts as a double-click. The other two buttons are called sniper and screen keys in the instructions. The screen button does actually let you see the whole screen, or in my case the desktop very quickly. Unfortunately, while the other buttons are easy to click, the double-click or fire button was very hard for my thumb to reach. I have smaller hands and despite this gaming mice have always been easy to use for me, but I really cannot reach this button without moving my whole hand up and then that makes using the wheel button difficult.


The whole mouse can be used both right and left handed. It feels comfortable in both hands (and I’m left-handed so I can vouch it works) however the side thumb buttons cannot be used left handed and there’s a chance your little finger could stray to these and press them by accident.

The whole mouse has a lovely cord design. As well as that the part where the cord meets the mouse is reinforced like many corded irons and other corded items. This cord and especially this reinforced part is really important in gaming mice as it stops the cord from fraying over time and exposing the wires inside. I used an everyday cheap mouse for playing games for a while and I cannot use it any more as the inner cables are exposed, so I DO know how important this cord design is.

The entire mouse has a slightly rubbery/non-slip design which is great as this really helps when your hands get sweaty while playing intense games. It really helps you keep the grip of the mouse.


I haven’t been able to test out the software yet as I don’t have a tray based disc drive. My gaming pc is packed up awaiting a move and the only external disk drive my laptop has is one that you have to push the disc in and eventually it will grab it and then later ‘spit’ it out (a bit like a wii). However the software disc that comes with the mouse is a very small one and this external disk drive of mine doesn’t register it’s there. I will update this review when I have tried it on my gaming pc.

Overall, this mouse is very good. Very comfortable to use with both hands, but the button placement for me is a bit off and I would have preferred the extra buttons elsewhere or moved a bit to access them easier. But overall a really good weighty gaming mouse!

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here



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