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Review: Stoga Wireless Xbox 360 Controller


I was kindly given this Unofficial Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for a big discount by Stoga in return for a review.

This is an excellent game controller which you can use for your xbox 360, or as I do for your pc!
The controller comes nicely packaged in its box but there are no instructions of any kind either inside the box or on the outside so if you are to use this for your pc you might run into some problems. I initially did, and it’s taken a while to get this set up but now I have it’s easy and I’ll explain how :)…

xc1 xc2

Firstly you start by opening up the battery compartment and putting in 2 AA batteries. These add a weight to the controller but it really isn’t bad and I enjoy controllers with insertable batteries, as when the battery is flat you can just replace them instead of waiting to recharge.

The game controller needs a usb gaming receiver to work on the pc so make sure you purchase one before you get this controller. First you have to connect your usb receiver to your pc and install the relevant drivers so that it works. You either get them on a disc along with the receiver or you can download them from microsoft’s website. the reason I had such problems in installing mine is that I have windows 8 and the Microsoft drivers only go up to windows 7, so I got confused over how to install and if it would work.


I installed the correct drivers, finally, on my pc and then your receiver should have a button on it to start up the pairing process. At the same time you press the big central button on the controller. This is the metallic looking button. This started flashing green, along with the gaming receiver also flashing and should, in theory, pair your controller to you receiver. But I tried a couple of times and it just would pair up. I tried again and again and decided I had installed the wrong drivers so tried again, this time picking windows 7 (64bit) instead of 32. I tried again to re-pair and the same result, nothing. At this point I started pressing all the buttons on the controller until it worked and it paired! I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or whether it need to be pressed the first time but I had pressed the strange button on the top of the controller (I’ve taken a picture of it to show you) it’s a button that sits between the left and right trigger buttons.
Now every time I press the central button this controller instantly pairs with my pc🙂 Perhaps this button has relevance but as I’ve never used an xbox 360 controller, and this doesn’t come with instructions I just don’t know how important this button is, or what it’s function still is!

xc6 xc7

I’ve never used an xbox controller so can’t compare it to a real one, but from what I can see it seems to be the same. The controller is very comfortable to use in the hands. The left and right thumb sticks have a rubbery top to them which is so important for any games controller as it not only helps you keep an excellent grip but also is less painful than plain plastic ones.

Although I have always and still do prefer a gamecube and ps2 controller, this xbox 360 controller is really excellent, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart and works really well in the games I have played.

I can recommend this controller for anyone looking for one, it’s a great additional controller for your xbox 360 and if you have pc games and are looking for a controller, this is a great one!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here



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