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Review: VicTsing External CD-RW DVD-R Drive


I was kindly sent this external drive for free from VicTsing in return for a review.

This dvd/cd rw drive is just great. My windows 8.1 laptop didn’t come with an internal disc drive, like so many laptops today which is a pain, and so getting an external one is the only option if you want to load software from discs. This drive does just that.

The box that comes is very plain, just a brown cardboard box with the drive nicely packaged and a very brief set of instructions that are really just a small square of paper with very basic info. But you don’t really need instructions with this drive, just plug it into any usb slot on your laptop and that’s it. My laptop recognised the drive straight away and it only took a few moments and I could immediately use it.

The disc slot for this drive is very small and reminds me of the wii or ps3, with no tray that comes out. You just push the disc into the slot. You actually have to keep pushing the disc until it’s almost all gone before the drive registers what you are doing and pulls the rest of the disc in. I tried loading a dvd-rom game and managed to install and play it with no problems at all. The drive is nice and quiet, you barely hear the disc inside.

Burning onto discs doesn’t seem to be a problem for me either. It immediately recognised my CD-R discs and my laptops normal burning programs just worked straight away. I haven’t run into any problems with this feature at all.


The BAD:
There are a couple of things I deem not so much bad as a bit annoying. The first is the shortness of the usb cable. This drive comes with an incredibly short cable (see my picture below) which barely manages to fit the drive next to my laptop. It’s not such a terrible feature, but if you ever wanted to hook this external drive to a larger pc or move it around to fit into your table set up you could have some problems.

The second thing is the lack of an eject button. As someone who has a lot of complex software on my computers like games I’m used to my computers sometimes freezing and me having to manually shut them down. When this happens it’s always nice to be able to eject the disc before closing the computer but you can’t do that with this drive.
The only way to eject a disc once you’re done is to go to ‘my computer’ or ‘this pc’ and scroll down to the drives installed. The disc drive should be there and then you right click on the drive and select ‘eject’. This leads the drive to quickly spit out the disc.
It might be only a small annoyance for some people but I still think this drive should have an external button to eject discs.

Despite my slight issues with cable length and the missing eject button, I can still say that this is a very good external disc drive. It seems to work fine with my windows 8.1 laptop, (even though clearly recommended for apple computers) and it reads and writes discs very quickly. I’ve not run into any problems at all with this little device. It’s got a lovely slim silver look to it and it does exactly what I ask it to do. The only bad points are that cable and lack of eject button, which is the reason I am giving this drive one less star, but otherwise I’d recommend it for anyone with windows 8.1 it does work.🙂

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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